Boarding Meeting Notes

April 2024

Kristi Harris' Zoom Meeting-April Board - April 24 Present: Rosemary Schoch, Lisa Bansa, Heather Haefner, Patrick Hughes Via Zoom: Kristi Harris, Ayaz Khan, Kathy Taylor   Introductions and previous meeting minutes @ 0:00 The board members introduced themselves...

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Board Meeting February 2024

Zoom Board Meeting - February 21   Present (in person): Heather Haefner (DOF), Rosemary Schoch (HRD), Kristi Harris, (CEO) (zoom): Dr. Khan (MD), Kathy Taylor, Patrick Hughes (chair), Lisa Bansa (vice chair) Absent: Vincent Ford Introductions and meeting...

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March 2024

Meeting procedures  The board discussed establishing formal meeting procedures, including having the President draft agendas and provide monthly financial updates. Members offered to share templates from other boards to help structure discussions. Financial status...

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January 23, 2024

Location: East Stroudsburg Library Present: Kristi Harris, Heather Haefner, Rose Schoch, Patrick Hughes and via zoom-Lisa Bansa, Ayaz Khan, Kathy Taylor Absent: Vincent Ford Meeting Called to Order at 11:05 by Patrick and Rose Reviewed and Approved the Last Minutes...

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Board Meeting Minutes November 2023

MEETING MINUTES  Date: 11/15/2023  Monthly Board meeting  Location: East Stroudsburg (corporate office)  Present: Patrick Hughes, Rose Schoch, Kristi, and Vincent Ford.  Absent: Heather Haefner, Charece Sanders  Meeting called to order: 11:16 1st Vince, 2nd Rose. ...

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Board Meeting October

MEETING MINUTES  DATE: October 25, 2023  TITLE OR PURPOSE FOR MEETING:  Monthly Board Meeting  Present: Patrick Hughes, Lisa Bansa, Rose Schoch  Attended via Zoom: Kristi Conrad, Heather Haefner  Absent: Vincent Ford, Charece Sanders,  Meeting Began: Called to order...

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What do we do?

PA Treatment & Healing provides a vast array of services including:

An Intensive Day Treatment Program, which is Medical Assistance approved

Alternative Education for Disruptive Youth

Licensed Outpatient Drug and Alcohol Treatment for youth and adults, which is Medical Assistance approved

Relationship-based Cognitive Behavioral Theory of Counseling to work on the root causes of family issues

Specialized Foster Care

Inpatient Non-Hospital Residential Substance Abuse Treatment

The Original After School Evening Day Treatment Program.

Program Replication

For information on bringing PA Treatment & Healing’s comprehensive individual and family-centered treatment to youth and families in your area, please contact our admin offices at (570) 649-6855.