Date: 11/15/2023 

Monthly Board meeting 

Location: East Stroudsburg (corporate office) 

Present: Patrick Hughes, Rose Schoch, Kristi, and Vincent Ford. 

Absent: Heather Haefner, Charece Sanders 

Meeting called to order: 11:16 1st Vince, 2nd Rose. 

Patrick read the last recorded minutes. 

Approval of Minutes: 1st Patrick, 2nd Vince. 



Profit and loss from the previous month. 

Kristi should have a budget for each office. 

Compare last year’s budget to this year’s budget. Cameras for corporate office 

Be proactive with the lease. 

Kristi said Dr. Kahn should be in Altoona by January 

Mary Kay refuses to market to bring in funds. 

Kristi is drafting a letter for school and probation for Altoona. 

Insurance working with people that do not have insurance DDAP does a sliding scale. 

Milton- Amanda Noll went to part-time Sydney Derr went to full-time. Honesdale- Amanda left Patty leaves next week hired full-time Angel, Christine, and Jackie. 

 IBHS is put on hold now Gwen will oversee the IBHS program. 

Mikaela will work with Alyssa’s students in the am. 

Rose is finding out about a new insurance for the company. 

Rose is working with current insurance and one source for a better economic budget for health insurance. 


Profit and Loss compare this year and last year. 

Altoona -Mary Kay marketing 

IBHS program Update 

Employee Health insurance update 

Motion to close the meeting: 1:30pm 1st Patrick 2nd Vince