Our Team


Kristi Harris, MS,  President and Project Director,   kristic@pathtochange.org

Alyssa Thompson, Dean of Students and Special Education Director, alyssat@pathtochange.org

Dahlia Miller, Day Treatment Director, dahliam@pathtochange.org

Susan Turcotte-Simmons, Driver Supervisor, suets@pathtochange.org

Heather Haefner, Director of Finance, heatherha@pathtochange.org

Sherie Stiner, Facility Director-Milton, sheries@pathtochange.org

Rosemary Schoch, Human Resources, rosemarys@pathtochange.org

Gwendolyn O’gilvie, Clinical Director, gwendoylno@pathtochange.org


Board Members: Patrick Hughes, Lisa Bansa, Vincent Ford, Dr. Ayaz Khan, Kathy Taylor, Emily Fitzgerald