Kristi Harris’ Zoom Meeting-April Board – April 24

Present: Rosemary Schoch, Lisa Bansa, Heather Haefner, Patrick Hughes

Via Zoom: Kristi Harris, Ayaz Khan, Kathy Taylor


Introductions and previous meeting minutes @ 0:00

The board members introduced themselves and reviewed action items from the previous meeting, including grant funding, staffing changes, program updates, and plans for advertising and security cameras. There was consensus to accept the previous minutes.


Improving relationships with referral sources @ 1:00:20

The CEO updated the board on rebuilding relationships with probation officers damaged by former employees badmouthing the organization. She clarified probation will refer clients to existing programs run by qualified staff, not dictate staffing. The board agreed pushing back on unreasonable demands, while finding creative solutions to demonstrate the organization’s capabilities.

Expanding services and locations @ 1:06:33

The CEO outlined plans for service expansion, including obtaining licenses to allow billing for more programs and clients. The board discussed potentially moving the drug/alcohol programs to a separate building to allow room for growth. While a good option was found, the CEO prefers waiting to ensure financial stability before committing. The board was receptive, but stressed acting quickly once numbers improve as demand is time-sensitive.

Financial overview and program updates @ 1:20:10

The CEO analyzed performance by program, attributing much of the loss to temporary factors already reversing. She expressed optimism for improvement based on expanded contracts, licenses, and discovery of uncollected revenue. The board asked for faster notification of cashflow issues and discussed prioritizing critical bills. The CEO agreed to faster updates.

IT security investigation and future improvements @ 1:40:28

The board discussed hiring an IT firm to conduct a forensic investigation of the former IT Manager’s devices to uncover any data theft or deletion. The initial quote of $8,000 was negotiated down by staging the work to lower immediate costs. The board agreed proper IT systems are critical for security and growth. The CEO is sourcing bids for an ongoing managed IT provider to prevent future issues.

Board nominations and upcoming meetings @ 1:46:23

The CEO will promptly forward board application materials for two potential new members for review. The board will vote on adding them at the next meeting. They discussed streamlining the annual board election process. The CEO confirmed sending meeting agendas earlier going forward due to member travel. They set the next meeting date and adjourned.