Project Directors Annual Report 2023


PA Treatment and Healing 

Project Directors Annual Report



On May 22, 2023, I,  Kristi Harris (Conrad)MS obtained the position of Project Director for the Drug and Alcohol programming with PA Treatment and Healing.  The Director at the time of the past Annual Report submission was Kenneth Bascom, and his employ with the company was terminated in December of 2022.  Following that, the President of PATH, Aracelly Mitchell was overseeing all programming until April of 2023, when she too was terminated.  Thus, Sherie Stiner, Marykay Powell, and Steve Gaito oversaw all of the Drug and Alcohol programming for PATH in the interim.  Sherie is the Facility Director of Milton, Marykay of Altoona, and Steve of East Stroudsburg. Together they supervised and provided the needed feedback to the Honesdale team.  


Assessment of staff training needs:

It remains the policy of PATH, in accordance with DDAP and the governing bodies of the respective SCA’s with whom PATH is aligned that all first year staff obtain the following trainings, if not already obtained: ASAM, Addictions 101, Confidentiality, Ethics, Case Management Overview, Screening and Assessment, Motivational Interviewing, HIV/AIDS, and TB/STD.  In addition to this, all employees must complete the following yearly, Fraud, Waste, and Abuse, and Fire Safety.  Upon hire, all staff are enrolled in Safe Crisis Management, Mandated Reporter (renews every 5 years) and CPR/First Aid (renews biannually).  PATH is also diligently working to assist all staff to obtain their PCB certification within the first year of employment, if not already certified.  


Overall training plan for the agency:

Due to a recent decrease in in-house training, PATH is currently providing the following for all staff, as needed: Safe Crisis Management, Fraud, Waste, and Abuse, Fire Safety, and CPR/First Aid.  This is in compliance with the Addictions Treatment Manual and PATH’s personnel manual. 


Annual evaluation of overall training plan: 

While PATH has experienced much change over the past year, we are still determined to deliver the best service, in the best possible manner, by the best trained staff.  It is the goal of this Project Director to assist all team members in the opportunity to grow through training within and outside of the program.


Project Director’s agenda for the current fiscal year:

It is the goal of this Project Director to ensure that all four programs are utilizing the same policies and procedures to work in tandem to provide quality of care.  Training and study materials have been provided to staff in an effort to assist them in obtaining their certifications.  They are also encouraged to take specialized trainings in CBT, ACT, RLT, TIC, and EMDR.  We hope to expand our MAT program to include sublocade and vivitrol and to make it available in more locations.  


Kristi Harris, MS Project Director 7/1/23


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