Intensive Adolescent IBHS Group Program

The Intensive Adolescent IBHS Group program provides therapeutic services to youth’s ranging from ten (10) to eighteen (18) years of age. Referrals can be made to the PA Treatment & Healing Center located in East Stroudsburg Pennsylvania.

PA Treatment & Healing’s Intensive Adolescent IBHS Group Program is licensed by the Office of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services (OMHSAS). We provide Intensive Behavioral Health Services (IBHS) Group based services. The Intensive Adolescent IBHS Group Program is MA approved and credentialed with CCBH CMP.

Treatment is delivered in our community based center.  We utilize a normative systems approach to provide a safe and structured environment aligned with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy models and approaches to help guide the individual on their positive path to change.

The young individual will receive several hours of treatment each day including a variety of approaches such as: Group Therapy, Individual Therapy and Therapeutic Recreation.

Family counseling is also provided as needed to equip, train, and counsel parents and youth in our relationship based therapeutic models.

All services are child-centered, strength-based, community-based, family focused, multi-systemic, and collaborative, culturally competent and offered in the least restrictive and intrusive setting as possible.


The MA Approved Intensive Adolescent Day treatment Program is offered at the Following PA Treatment & Healing Locations:

East Stroudsburg (570) 517-7153

For additional information on this or any other program please contact:

Kyrie J Regan, MSW, LSW
Clinical Director

Admission Criteria

  • Medical necessity determined by a licensed psychologist, psychiatrist, licensed clinical social worker, licensed professional counselor, or nurse practioner who is Promised Enrolled.
  • We serve youth who have a primary diagnosis, or other diagnosed behavioral health condition which requires treatment.
  • Our population of youth is between ages of 10 to 18
  • Other levels of services such as outpatient or similar history may be necessary to enroll
  • Youth admitted may present with a variety of internal/external symptoms and have one or more of the following: anxiety, depression, mood swings, parent-child conflict, poor social skills, disruptive behaviors, history of trauma, etc.
  • There can be ongoing multiple system of involvement (e.g. parents/family, school, Mental Health, Juvenile Justice, Children & Youth, etc)
  • The youth has at least one caregiver who is willing to actively participate in the youth’s treatment
  • Services may also be utilized for youth who are transitioning back into their homes, communities after out of home placement.
  • Exceptions are considered on a case-by-case basis.

Program Expectations

  • The youth and family are actively engaged in the development and implementation of the youth’s individualized treatment goals.
  • Parents are engaged in their youth’s treatment through ISPT meetings, progress reports, as well as weekly services to provide parental support and family therapy.
  • Development of interpersonal relationships, daily living skills, healthy decision-making, problem-solving and coping skills.
  • We provide individualized treatment to enable youth and families to effectively manage their mental health symptoms across various settings.
  • Therapy is aimed at reconciling broken family relationships utilizing our unique approach of Relationship-Based CBT
  • Master’s level Clinical Director leads the Treatment team by developing and supervising the therapeutic progress.
  • PATH’s treatment teams consult regularly with licensed psychologists.
  • Transportation is provided to and from the treatment center, as well as a meal.
  • Crisis intervention services are provided 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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