Community Service Program

A meaningful way for youth to become responsible and productive members of their community and acquire valuable skills that will serve them throughout life.

The Community Service Program (CSP) was designed for court-referred juveniles as an accountability option which can be scheduled on an as-needed basis. Juveniles may be scheduled for community service programming during after school and evening hours, on weekends, while on suspension from school, and for the majority of the week during the summer months.

The primary goal of the CSP is to develop competencies that enable youth to become responsible and productive members of the community. We define competency in this capacity as the ability to do something well that is of value to oneself and others, as well as the ability to contribute constructively to his or her community. Competency development that is practical, goal-oriented and measurable serves as a cornerstone of our CSP.

PATH’s CSP incorporates our highly successful behavior management system known as Normative Systems, which aims to reinforce clients’ respective sense of community belonging and responsibility for their individual offenses. PATH’s Four Rs (Retribution, Restitution, Reconciliation, & Restoration) will also be utilized, focusing specifically on retribution and restitution. Retribution has been defined by PATH as requiring one to take accountability for one’s actions in order to pay the price for one’s offenses (i.e. truancy). Restitution will require the referred youth to complete community service hours assigned by district magistrates and county probation offices. Participation in our CSP will be a meaningful way for youth offenders to give back to the community.

Our community service learning experiences have included park clean ups, graffiti removal, painting, as well as assisting with food banks and soup kitchens. Our clients have worked with the Salvation Army, various state parks, and a number of other organizations and businesses.

PATH’s CSP will accept males and females aged 10 to 18, with up to 12 participants per session. The typical youth referred are adolescents who are habitually missing time from school. CSP is conducted under the direct supervision of the outreach coordinator, with oversight and support from your local PATH center and the organization’s team of highly-qualified professionals.

Goals of the Community Service Program are for each youth:

  1. To gain a greater sense of ownership for his/her actions;
  2. To acquire practical life skills that will help the individual throughout life;
  3. To have the opportunity to restore their self-image and image within the community; and,
  4. To develop a greater sense of respect for their community and the law.

Community Service Projects have included:

  • Trash pick up
  • Park clean up
  • Landscaping, mulching, planting flowers, policing public parks
  • Snow shoveling and removal
  • Assistance for elderly
  • Painting and building structures
  • Supporting community events and initiatives affecting all ages
  • Cleaning high school and church classrooms
  • Working with the Salvation Army, the American Red Cross, Trout Unlimited, Habitat for Humanity, and a number of other nonprofit organizations and retirement home programs.

The outreach coordinator continually strives to set up a variety of community services opportunities for youth involved in the program.

Comments About Our Community Service Program

On behalf of the City of Williamsport, I would like to thank you for all the work accomplished in the city parks, public buildings …including mulching, planting flowers, weeding, policing the parks, etc. The City is truly grateful for your assistance.”

John O. Markley, Jr. Assistant General Manager

Thank you for your continued support of our office in working together to clean up our community. It is always a welcoming sight to see individuals taking pride in their community.”

Stacey Losell, Lycoming County Juvenile Probation Officer

Thank you for your recent help at the Church of the Annunciation…..your program worked very well and did a great job cleaning the classrooms at the parish center.”

James Foran, Director of Religious Education

I wish to express my sincere appreciation for the help that was provided by your facility. Students of the Williamsport School District will be better served by our staff as a result of your cooperation.”

William Rathjen, Dean of Students

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