DATE: August 24,2022 


Monthly Board Meeting 

Present: Patrick Hughes, Lisa Bansa, Kristi Conrad, Rose Schoch 

Absent: Vincent Ford, Charece Sanders, Heather Haefner 

Meeting Began: Called to order 11:20 am -First Patrick, Second Lisa

Approval of Minutes: Patrick read the last meeting minutes. Approved -First Patrick, Second Rose 

New Order of Business:

  1. Install camera in Altoona. 
  2. Keeping Altoona open to see if revenue goes up. 
  3. Kristi is reaching out to Blue Cross for Altoona. 
  4. Injections will begin in Milton
  5. Honesdale will be next. 
  6. Altoona may be next to begin injections. 
  7. Changes in the personnel manual. 
  8. Add Kristi to the PATH bank account. 
  9. Install the camera in the corporate office. 


  1. Looking for a larger space for East.
  2. Can we receive electronic checks from school, probation, etc.?
  3. Ask Heather for a copy of all our contracts. 
  4. Most recent financial statements

Meeting closed: 12:30 pm Rose first, Lisa second