Date: 9/26/2023 

Monthly Board meeting 

Location: East Stroudsburg (corporate office) 

Present: Patrick Hughes, Rose Schoch, Lisa Bansa, Kristi, and Vincent Ford. 

Absent: Heather Haefner, Charece Sanders 

Meeting called to order: 11:10 1st Patrick, 2nd Lisa. 

Patrick read the last recorded minutes. 

Approval of Minutes: 1st Lisa, 2nd Vince. 

Profit and loss from the previous month. 

-electronic payments are not available from some payor

All contracts should be together and a copy of each with Kristi 

Resignation from Steve Gaito. 

Steve requested pay for his accrued vacation days. 

Kristi went over the changes she is making in the personnel manual. 

Kristi received the $170,000.00 grant and it is being maintained in a separate account. 

Kristi is applying for a grant for computers. 

Kristi received 720 Narcan’s to hand out to each building. 

Compared last year’s budget to this year. 

New positions at the East Stroudsburg office. 

Social media for each office would help with (hours, weather closings, etc.) 

Cameras for corporate office 


Budget for each facility. 

Staff placement in East Stroudsburg facility 


Motion to close the meeting: 1:00pm 1st Patrick 2nd Vince