Specialized Foster Care Program

Specialized Foster Care provides treatment and a therapeutic environment for children when conflict exceeds normal levels in the home.  A special emphasis is put on healing the relationship between the child and his/her natural parents.

The PA Treatment & Healing has developed a specialized foster care program with the primary goal of providing a safe, secure home environment, with a family specially trained in providing care to troubled youth. By having these loving homes available, we can assist the county officials when their only choice is to remove the youth from the volatile home environment.  By having foster homes available we can continue to provide therapy to the child and their family without interruption.  The youth can continue receiving the therapy and structure they need through our intensive adolescent day treatment program or after school evening day treatment program.

The program’s goal is reunification, which is accomplished by providing intensive treatment to the entire family. The program gives families the opportunity to receive complete healing in order to reintegrate the youth into his/her natural home, thus ensuring the possibility for success.

PA Treatment & Healing believes a combination of Relationship-based Cognitive Behavioral therapy and behavior management is central to the effectiveness and success of our program.

Youth referred to the foster care program receive all services offered by the day treatment program including our Relationship-based cognitive, behavioral counseling and Normative Systems Behavior Management approach. The youth’s social worker visits the youth’s natural home a minimum of every other week to conduct family and parental therapy with a goal of resolving conflict and stressing behavior modification. Should resolution and reintegration of the family not be possible, our policy is to work with the appropriate county children and youth officials and/or the juvenile probation officer to plan for long-term foster care placement.

Requests for placement in our Foster Care program are usually made by a county caseworker or juvenile probation officer.

At PA Treatment & Healing, we are equipped to handle referrals during regular business hours, as well as to respond to after hours emergency placement needs. Each treatment center has a 24- hour on-call system to handle crisis calls and provide youth with a safe secure environment whenever necessary.

Our foster parents are specially selected, trained, and undergo a series of background clearances and home study evaluations prior to receiving a youth into their homes. PA Treatment & Healing foster homes are consistent with the philosophy and methods of both the After School Evening and Intensive Adolescent Day Treatment Programs. This allows the youth’s behavior to be modified through a combination of therapy and behavior modification. PA Treatment & Healing is always searching for special people to serve as foster parents.  If you are interested in becoming a foster parent or would like further information, please contact the center nearest to you or the Corporate Offices.

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