Licensed Outpatient Drug & Alcohol

It is no secret that addiction is a chronic, progressive and potentially fatal disease, afflicting people of all ages. Addiction is a complex disease with multiple causes and effects. Medicating the pain of failed relationships is the most common coping mechanism that individuals use. It is a way to escape the reality of failed relationships and the perceived betrayal by the most important people in their lives. Until a medical cure can be found, addiction must be identified, diagnosed and treated so the addicted person can live an active, healthy and productive life.

By definition, the PA Treatment & Healing Licensed Outpatient Drug and Alcohol Treatment Program believes that addiction is the use of a substance or activity for the purpose of lessening pain or augmenting pleasure. The addicted person has lost control over the rate, frequency or duration of their use. As a result, the addicted person’s life has progressively become unmanageable. In the case of adolescents, any habitual use of an illegal substance may warrant treatment.

The Agency’s Licensed Outpatient Drug and Alcohol Program has been licensed by the Division of Drug and Alcohol Program Licensure of the Pennsylvania Department of Health since 1991. The program is approved by the Department of Public Welfare as a Medical Assistance provider. Dr. Vikas Passi, M.D., Family Practice Center, P.C., serves as the program’s Medical Director.

The Agency receives referrals to its outpatient drug and alcohol program from the following sources:  self-referrals, Single County Authorities (SCAs), court referrals, inpatient drug treatment facilities, PA Treatment & Healing’s Intensive Day Treatment, After School Evening Day Treatment and Alternative Education Programs, and other social service agencies. Treatment can be purchased independently or in conjunction with our other services.

PA Treatment & Healing’s Licensed Outpatient Drug and Alcohol Program provides the following outpatient drug and alcohol treatment services: individual and group therapy, random drug testing, individual drug and alcohol assessments, referral to higher levels of care, family therapy, informational sessions for concerned family members or significant others, family or significant other intervention services and community education.


Drug & Alcohol Services are Offered at the Following PA Treatment & Healing Locations:

East Stroudsburg (570) 517-7153
Honesdale D&A (570) 253-3980
Milton (570) 246-5866

For More Information About the Drug & Alcohol Program or Any of the Other Services PA Treatment & Healing Provides, Please Contact:

Michele Barrows, ICCJP, CCJP Project Director

Admission Criteria

Age: Adolescents and Adults
Sex: Male or Female
Indications: Either primary Drug & Alcohol clients or co-dependents (family members or significant other of the chemically dependent individual). All clients must have no overt psychoses.

Outpatient Drug & Alcohol Counseling is one component of the service menu offered by PA Treatment & Healing. The program has been licensed by the PA Bureau of Drug and Alcohol Programs since 1991.

Many unique opportunities are available in the PA Treatment & Healing program. These include:

• Transportation to the center for those enrolled in the After School Evening Day Treatment Program or Intensive Adolescent Program
• Referrals to outside AA, NA, and other support groups
• Specialized in treatment of conduct-disordered youth and those with mental health disorders
• D & A Therapy at no charge to those enrolled in PATH’s Day Treatment Programs
• Client involvement in the development of his/her treatment plan
• Therapeutic approach tailored to client needs
• Both Individual & Group Therapy available
• Drug screening to validate compliance with the program
• D & A education offered at monthly parent meetings as needed
• Use of PA Client Placement Criteria (PCPC) and American Society of Addiction Medication (ASAM)

Program Compliance Criteria

• Absitnence from all mood altering chemicals including alcohol. PA Treatment & Healing retains the right to validate total compliance in the program by urinalysis
• Abstinence of substituted addictive behavior (i.e., workaholism, gambling, sexual addictions)
• An increase in the overall life functions (physical, emotional, intellectual, behavioral, social, financial and spiritual) of client
• Successfully meeting goals and objectives of individual treatment plans
• Initial commitment to the program for a minimum of 3-6 months (or longer, if advised)
• All clients need to establish an adequate support system prior to discharge
• All clients need to have an aftercare plan developed and approved by the Program Supervisor prior to discharge
• Each client must honor the confidentiality and respect the anonymity of every other client and group member

PA Treatment & Healing may terminate therapy for any client who:
• Refuses to follow their treatment plan
• Does not show up for scheduled treatment
• Becomes incarcerated
• Does not comply with facility norms
• Use of physical violence or threatens such
• Displays disruptive behavior
• Attends therapy under the influence of any chemical
• Demonstrates sexual misconduct to clients or staff
• Refuses to honor financial commitments


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