Alternative Education for Disruptive Youth

ACT 48 Approved by the Pennsylvania Department of Education

The PA Treatment & Healing Alternative Education Program is approved by the Pennsylvania Department of Education to provide services in accordance with Act 30 of 1997 (Pennsylvania School Code, Article XIX-C, Disruptive Youth Programs) and Act 48 of 1999 (Pennsylvania School Code, Article XIX-E, Private Alternative Education Institutions for Disruptive Students).

The PATH Alternative Education Program (AEP) was founded in December 1987 to provide alternative education services to youth in the Central Susquehanna Valley. Since its inception, the program has grown to provide services to over 10 public school districts in Pennsylvania. The education program is available to children, from 6th grade through 12th grade who possess an elementary or secondary level reading ability. A referral to the program can be initiated by school administrators. Youth referred remain on the rolls of the referring district. Our alternative education program is an approved provider by the Pennsylvania Department of Education.


Contact our Dean of Students for more information about the PA Treatment & Healing Alternative Education Program nearest to you:

East Stroudsburg (570) 517-7153

The PATH Alternative

PA Treatment and Healing provides alternative learning in a safe and nurturing environment for students who are unable to perform in a traditional school setting.  This alternate approach to learning focuses on positive behavior changes that foster a more conducive learning environment for the student. PATH offers a standard based curriculum that utilizes the students home-school schedule to ensure there is no loss of credit while attending PATH. The program offers low student to staff ratio, individual and group counseling, as well as on site drug and alcohol counseling.  PA Treatment and Healing works closely with students, staff, families and sending LEA’s to ensure successful collaboration and maintain open channels of communication.


Our Alternative Education Programs specialize in the treatment of students with the following needs:

• Persistent disregard for school authority
• Persistent violation of policy and procedures
• Violent acts directed towards staff and other students
• Use of controlled substances on school property
• Possession of a weapon on school property
• Serious misconduct in the classroom
• Severe behavioral problems

Students with serious mental health issues may be determined to be inappropriate for continuation in the program. In those situations, our staff work with the school administrators to arrange a more appropriate placement. PATH offers an Intensive Mental Health Program after school that some students may qualify for.

Unique Aspects of our Alternative Education Program:

• A low staff-to-student ratio of 1:6.
• A structured learning environment with constant supervision.
• A No Suspension, No Expulsion policy.
• Counselors trained to address behavioral difficulties and underlying emotional needs of troubled youth
• Drug and Alcohol education and counseling is available for students in need.
• Special activities and privileges for exceptional, not expected behavior.
• Individual and group counseling is offered 2.5 hours weekly on contemporary adolescent issues
• Close communication between the Agency staff and the student’s home school districts
• A student can be referred for as few as 45 days or up to the entire academic school year.

Educational Curriculum

Our Alternative Education Program uses materials from referring districts as well as online resources to provide a blended learning environment. Textbooks and other materials from the referring district are used in order to provide students with a schedule that closely resembles their home schools to provide a seamless placement between placement and return.

Comments from Education Professionals regarding the AEP:

PATH has definitely been a resource in which we have a great deal of confidence.

Having the PATH program as an option helps some of our most needy, at-risk students and it subsequently has a positive impact on our regular education programs as well.

We feel very fortunate to be able to take advantage of the PATH school program for our students who need it.

It is my strong belief that the PATH program will continue to be a valuable asset to high risk students and I would recommend this program to other schools.

Providing Hope

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