After School Evening Day Treatment

The primary component of PA Treatment & Healing’s multifaceted menu of services is the After School Evening Day Treatment Program. The day treatment program was designed to provide intensive supervision, accountability and therapeutic services to youth during the high risk after school evening hours. We were one of the very first community based programs designed to deliver the intensity of a residential program yet still keeping the youth in his or her own community. PA Treatment & Healing aims to help youth achieve success where they once were destructive and to reconcile and restore broken family relationships.

The After School Evening Day Treatment provides an alternative to residential treatment placements for youth demonstrating antisocial behaviors. Our vast array of services and intensity provides a highly successful alternative to either weekly counseling or residential care. The program also provides aftercare for youth who are removed from costly institutional placements and returned to their homes and community. Aftercare minimizes reentry problems for youth who are attempting to readjust to home life.

PA Treatment & Healing provides transportation to and from the program for all youth enrolled in the Day Treatment program. Providing transportation to our clientele is critical to their daily attendance.

The After School Evening Day Treatment Program operates year round, five days per week, during peak at-risk, unsupervised hours (3:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.) and provides 24-hour crisis intervention services by use of an on-call emergency system. The After School Evening Day Treatment Program receives both female and male referrals that are between the ages of ten and eighteen. The average length of treatment for each youth is approximately nine months. However, some clients participate in the program for as long as twelve months.

We stress individual goal planning, development and achievement. A client’s attainment of individual goals will be the major method for measuring success. Services are provided at the center as well as in the home, school, and community.

Our program utilizes a highly structured behavior management model, known as PA Treatment & Healing’s Normative Systems Approach. This system of accountability encourages personal goal development and positive leadership in each youth referred into the program. Through this system each youth is required to take full accountability for his or her actions, make restitution, pursue reconciliation with those he or she has offended as well as those who have offended him or her. The ultimate goal is to achieve restoration of healthy relationships in the home and community. After this is accomplished, the youth becomes motivated to explore educational and vocational pursuits, as well as desired work experience opportunities.


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Services Provided

PA Treatment & Healing receives both male and female referrals that are btween ten and eighteen years of age. Direct intervention hours range from twenty-five to fifty-five hours each week without removing the youth from his/her home. Treatment normally covers the after school and evening hours throughout the week, as well as Saturday programming. Home visits with the youth and his/her family occur weekly. Caseworkers provide follow-up curfew checks, 24-hour crisis intervention, and on-call services after hours.

The After School Evening Program provides transportation to and from the after school evening program for all clients. 24-hour crisis intervention also includes search and rescue for youth who are absent from their home, programming, or school.

The average length of treatment for each youth is nine months, however some youthgs participate in the program for up to twelve months.

Specific services provided during the After School Evening Day Treatment Program Include:

• Individual Counseling Sessions
• Daily Group Counseling
• Community Service Opportunities
• Life Skills Instruction
• Parental Education, Support & Counseling
• Transportation to and from the Center daily
• Weekly Home Visits
• Leadership and Social Skills Development
• Drug & Alcohol Counseling (at no charge)
• Organizational Skills Building/ School Visits
• Victim Awareness Groups
• Treatment for Sexually Abused and Sexual Offenders
• Intensive Supervision Sessions

Program Expectations

• To the victim, a maximum chance of getting restitution.  Youthful violators work to pay fines, cost and restitution to the victim.
• To the Parents, regular home visits and conferences, to keep them aware of their child’s progress, and to give them the support they need to raise their children successfully.
• To the Agencies Working With the Child, a chief case management approach, to master the youth’s environment and allow him/her to have access to all community interventions that will help him/her.
• To the Child, a chance for a productive future in the community, instead of a life of failure.
• To the Community, a child of destruction now becomes a constructive individual by contributing to the community he/she offended.

A Community Approach Toward Positive Change

PA Treatment & Healing becomes the central point for all possible services available to facilitate positive change for youth. The four-fold goal is:

Retribution requires accountability and responsibility to pay the price for offenses.

Restitution requires apologetic message and monetary return to the victim(s).

Reconciliation requires family sessions which lead to disclosure of painful memories and relational healing in the home.

Restoration to the community occurs as a result of the responsible completion of all treatment goals while enrolled in the program.

A Proven Approach For Community Protection

During a youth’s stay in the After School Evening Program, youth are involved with a variety of treatment components designed to motivate client to accept responsibility for their actions, and realize that restitution (when deemed necessary) is an important part of reconciling, and restoring the youth to his family and community. This process is very intense and involves not only the youth, but his/her family, the community, referring agencies, and Agency staff.

The After School Evening Day Treatment Program incorporates a specially designed behavioral management approach and a nationally recognized Cognitive Behavioral therapeutic approach.

The Agency provides one of the most comprehensive program structures in the country with a vast array of services designed for every type of need.

An Economical Approach

Counties that refer youth to the Agency soon discover that keeping the juveniles in the community costs their taxpayers considerably less than sending them to a non-secure facility outside of the community.

Providing Hope

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