Developing Competency Skills 

The Competency Skills Program provides a modified form of our highly successful intensive community based Day Treatment services. This program option was designed for youth whose offenses may not warrant either formal or informal probation but who would benefit from this series of weekly program curriculum.

The Developing Competency Skills Program has been designed to address Pennsylvania’s Balanced and Restorative Justice (BARJ) requirements by effectively building on competency and skill areas.  In the context of the BARJ model, competency refers to “the ability of a juvenile offender to contribute constructively to his or her community.” The focus is squarely on enhancing the link between the youth and their community.  This concept has been embraced in the design and implementation of the PA Treatment & Healing Competency Program.

The overall purpose of the Developing Competency Skills Program is to provide competency development and education through a weekly group format in the lives of youth referred to the program. This program is most often utilized as a means of preventing the need for placement, for first time offenders, and for those youth just out of treatment or placement who are in need of learning skills that will help them transition back home. Children and Youth and/or Juvenile Probation Departments may initiate referrals to the Competency Program. Youth designated to attend the program are not referred or court ordered to receive After School Evening Day Treatment Services.  Both male and female referrals are accepted with ages ranging from 12 to 18. In addition, the  Competency Program is not licensed by the Department of Public Welfare. Therefore, an intake and all Department of Public Welfare Regulation requirements would not apply to this program.

The program has been designed with a seven-week curriculum that deals with the following topics:

• Personal Finance (i.e., checking, saving)
• Life and Job Skills
• Family Conflict and Resolution
• Self-Esteem/Peer Pressure
• Hurts, Offenses and Anger Dissolution
• Victim, Offender Awareness Restitution
• Drug and Alcohol Education


This enhanced program is currently being offered at all treatment centers by request.


The class is offered when the county referral list reaches a minimum of five (5) youth.  Our Agency allows a maximum number of ten (10) youth in each session.

Each class period runs for 90 minutes.  One additional class is scheduled per session, if needed to allow for youth to satisfactorily complete the program.

Please contact the Corporate Offices for additional information on this program.